Zipline in Nepal

zipline in Nepal


Zipline in Nepal

Zipline in Nepal has been an aspiring adventure sports since 2012. Ropeways and wire bridges were in practice to carry people, things, and animals from one place to others. These were used to cross the rivers and carry heavy loads from and to the cliff.

Commercially, Pokhara Zip Flyer is the first zipline of Nepal opened in the beautiful city Pokhara. The launching site is Sarangkot, around 7 miles away from Pokhara and the landing site is Hemja Village.

The Tourism Capital of Nepal, Pokhara is popular for adventure sports activities such as paragliding, hot air ballooning, boating, fishing, etc. After the establishment of Nepal’s first zip flyer, it has become adventurers’ favorite.

Inspired by the High Ground Adventures Nepal, entrepreneurs have established 10s of zipline stations throughout the country. It has not only given entertainment and a lifelong experience to tourists but also created job opportunity to local people.

Zipflying adventure in Nepal is suitable for both novice and experienced riders. Moreover, some zip flyers have set up separate zipline for children as well. Some of them double line ziplining cables to provide you a different experience of adventure sports in Nepal.

Various zip flying activities are also available in some Zip Flyer stations such as Dhulikhel Zipline. You can choose one of classic zipline, tandem/couple zipline, and superman zipline activities in your bucket list.

Similarly, some have short vertical drop while others have long vertical drop for your adventure experience in Nepal. To the date, there is only one zipline across the river. Trishuli Riverside Resort has set up a zipline across the Trishuli River at around 100km distance from Kathmandu and Pokhara along the Prithvi Highway.

You can also combine zipline activity with other tourism activities such as whitewater rafting, city tour, and short treks in Nepal. We recommend you to book the right zipflying package that suits you most.

History of Zipline

It is still difficult to answer “When was Zipline started?” However, it is believed that zipline was invented for easy transportation of heavy loads of humans, goods and animals in remote areas. It is evident that ziplines were used in the Himalayas and Alps for climbing, transportation, and many other purposes. When people decided that crossing swollen rivers, steep mountains, and dense forests was impossible, they introduced zipline. After the invention of zipline, transporting humans, goods, and animals from one side of the river or the cliff became easier.

We find some evidence that China used the zipline service to cross the rough rivers. Likewise, India and Japan also started using zipline transportation from a early as 250 BC to ease the supply of materials from one location to another.

The very means of transportation turned to be an adventure sports when the biologist Donald Perry used zipline to research on jungle canopy in Costa Rica in the 1970s. Known as EcoTram, combination of a crossbow and zipline helped Perry reach higher than any other researchers on Earth. When Perry’s EcoTram drew a global attention, Canadian entrepreneur Darren Hreniuk launched the first zipline canopy tour in 1977. Since then, zipline flying has become one of the adventure sports in the world.

Ziplining History in Nepal

In Nepal, ropeway and wire bridges (tuins) were in use to cross the rough rivers and carry goods from one place to another from long time back. It used to be compulsion of people living in the harsh geographical locations to use such services.

However, as an adventure sports activity, the ziplining history of Nepal is not that long. The modern-day zipflying adventure in Nepal started when High Ground Adventures set up one in Sarangkot.

Just 20 minutes drive from the Lake City Pokhara, Sarangkot Zipflying came in operation from 2nd June, 2012 but was officially launched on 8th October of the same year. Since then, zip flying has become one of the growing adventure sports activities in Nepal, especially, amongst youngsters and foreign tourists. Besides tour, hiking, mountaineering, peak climbing, and trekking, zip flying trips are also famous for a lifetime experience.

Pokhara Zip Flyer inspired other entrepreneurs to open ziplining services in other parts of the country. Nowadays, you can find tens of ziplining stations that fulfill your dream of flying like a bird with the help of a harness and observing the serene nature from high above.

Most of the ziplining stations in Nepal are set up on the ground to cross over forests. But, the Trishuli Riverside Resort zipline is the first zipline across the river. This zip flyer takes you from one side to the other of the Trishuli River, one of the whitewater rafting rivers.

First Zipline in Nepal over the River

Trishuli Riverside Resort Zipline is the first zipline in Nepal over the river. The zipline is located along the Prithvi Highway at 80km from Kathmandu and 100km from the Lake city Pokhara.

The zipline is 461m long that connects the Prithvi Highway and Trishuli Riverside Resort. The flight takes place from a 17-meter tall tower on the bank of the Trishuli River.

Actually, the zipline was established to transport domestic and foreign tourists from the Prithvi Highway to Trishuli Riverside tented village resort. The ride takes less than a minute at a speed of 70 km/h. You can also do the Trishuli River whitewater rafting zipline ride.

Why Zipline in Trishuli Riverside Resort?

  • Short, safest, and over the Trishuli River ride
  • New experience different from other ziplines in Nepal
  • Operated by highly trained and certified zip flying guide.
  • Suitable location in the Prithivi Highway
  • Can have an experience of safest zipline while driving along the Prithvi Highway.

Zipline in Nepal in Operation List

Zipline in Pokhara

Pokhara Zipline run by High Ground Adventure is one of the highest ziplines in Nepal. The launching site is located at 1,533m from the sea level. Due to its 56 inclination, this zipline is one of Nepal’s steepest ziplines.  Out of 1.8 km total length, 600m is fully vertical drop.

The takeoff station of ZipFlyer Pokhara is Sarangkot Hilltop. It is around 10 km away from Pokhara, the Tourism Capital of Nepal. You begin the adventure sports activity from Butterfly Pavilion and land in Hemja Village (915m). The zipline cable car accelerates at the speed of above 90km per hour above the ACAP for about 150 seconds. It gives a lifelong experience of adventure sports activity in Pokhara, Nepal.

While riding vertically downwards, you enjoy 360 degree panoramas of the Annapurna Massif, Machhpuchhre Himal (6,993m), and the Seti River rushing continuously. You will be cheered by a couple of paragliders on their feet and flight as well!

This zipline system was designed by the Zip Flyer TM LLC, USA using advanced technology and equipment. Thus, don’t worry but enjoy the adventurous ride because the engineering of this zipline has met the standards of ASTM, TVSWD, ANLS B77 Tramway, etc.

Dhulikhel Zipline -cost, length, Location and distance from Kathmandu

Lies in the Kavrepalanchowk district, only 30 km eastwards from the Kathmandu Valley. Dhulikhel is a popular tourist destination of Nepal, perhaps the closest one from Thamel. Domestic and foreign tourists cannot avoid visiting this Newari Town during Changunarayan-Nagarkot-Dhulikhel-Namobuddha day hiking.

Zip Flyer in Dhulikhel is built nearby the Araniko Highway for easy access. It is 1,100m long with heart-pounding vertical drop of 73 meters. The takeoff station of this adventure sports activity in Nepal is Thakal launchpad and the landing site is Panchkhal, Khawa. Riding at the speed of 60-90km for about 2 minutes is a lifelong achievement.

Dhulikhel Zipline cost

Types of ZiplinesPrice for NepaliPrice for SAARC CitizensPrice for Foreigners
Classic ZiplineNRS 2500USD 30USD 35
Superman ZiplineNRS 3500USD 40USD 45
 Couple Zipline  NRS 4500USD 50USD 60

Dhulikhel Zipline was set by using Indian and Australian Technology and highly standard equipment. Since it has fulfilled the American and European safety measures, you can enjoy a fearless ride.

Various Zip Flying Activities in Dhulikhel

  1. Classic Zipline

Classic Zipline is suitable adventure sports activity for those who desire a solo thrill. It is designed for an individual so that they can have an experience of aerial adventure sports. The person is tied with the harness around the waist and launched from the platform. Although for a couple of minutes at the longest, they enjoy the natural scenery as far as their eyes can figure out.

  • Tandem/Couple Zipline

As the name suggests, Couple Zipline is designed for those who want a lifetime experience of flying fox with someone special. Both the zipline adventurers are fastened with harness and launched from the platform.

Besides capturing the moment in photos and videos, you can also enjoy views of the Himalayas, green hills, high altitude villages, and lush valleys. The aerial view of the surroundings looks totally different from the land while trekking or hiking.

Tandem Zipline package is more suitable for beginners who lack confidence for Classic zipline feat. So, book a trip to enjoy the moment with your best friend or someone special.

  • Superman Zipline

Dhulikhel Zipline also offers newly launched Superman Zipflying package. In this aerial fly, your whole body is fastened with the harness so that you can face straight forward in a Superman pose. Flying like Superman, you will enjoy natural beauty from the sky. Capture the moment in photos or videos with your selfie stick or helmet camera. You can share the feat via Facebook, Insta, Tiktok, or any other social media.

Superman Zipline is at 2,300m high and covers 2,200m horizontal distance with 73m vertical drop. Unlike other zipline categories, Superman Zipflying is more advanced, so the maximum weight limit is 75 kg as the safety measure of the flyers.

Chitwan Zipline

Chitwan Zipline Adventure has been started in the Jaldevi Community Forest in the Muglin Narayngarh Highway section. It was opened to promote Visit Nepal Year 2020, a Lifetime Experience in Nepal.

Chitwan Zipline has two routes of less than 200m long. The first route is 192m long with three stations while the second 175m long. You can combine both the routes as well. A 35m-long zipline for kids is a plus attraction of this zipline adventure in Nepal. Domestic and foreign tourists can see children’s parks, Religious Park, and picnic spot nearby the takeoff station.

Godawari Zipline

Bishankhunarayan Community Forest, Godawari, Lalitpur has had the closest zipline from Thamel, Kathmandu. Godawari Zipline is located nearly 7 km far from Satdobato, Lalitpur. The 800m-long zipline (400m one side and 400m the other side) is an ultimate adventure sports for both domestic and foreign tourists.

While experiencing this adventure, you enjoy the stunning view of the Kathmandu Valley, especially, Lalitpur. You can capture this thrilling moment in photos and videos with your selfie stick while descending for nearly 50 seconds above the dense forest of Godawari.

Bhedetar Devithan Zipline

Bhedetar Devithan Zipline is the first zipline in the Province No. 1 of Nepal. It was completed and launched from March 2020. The starting point is Bhedetar, the gateway to Dharan City and the landing site is Devithan.

It takes 45 seconds with maiden ride to cover 300m zipline. The takeoff station of this zip flyer is located at 1,420m from the sea level and the landing station just 43m below that. The diameter of the zipline cable is 16mm with 11,300kg load capacity, 2,200kg harness capacity, and 2,700kg carabiner capacity.

Operated by one of the owner of Dhulikhel Zip Flyer, you can do this zipline in Nepal while visiting the Eastern Nepal. It is often combined with City Tour of Dharan, which is one of the famous for various street food items and chhurpi (traditional cheese). Dharan is also the gateway to Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Makalu Base Camp Trek, and many other treks to the Eastern Himalayas of Nepal.

Hill Park Zipline, Butwal

Hill Park Zipline, Butwal is the first private sector zipline in Lumbini Province. It is located in the premises of Laxmi Adarsh Community Forest. The zipline cable is about 1.5 km that can be done within 1 minute or even less.

Butwal Zipline is said to be Nepal’s first double zipline- one in Butwal sub-metropolis and the other on the northern hillside. Hill Park Zipline is 650m long that reach to the northern hill in 43 seconds. The other cable is 750m long which takes 22m from the launched to the landing side. A 90-meter-separate-line for children is another attraction of Butwal Zip Flyer.

During the adventure ride, you will enjoy a beautiful view of Butwal City. You can do this zipflying for a lifelong experience while going on Lumbini Tour or Chitwan National Park Tour.

zipline over Trishuli river

Concluding section

Zipline in Nepal is a newly introduced adventure sports activity from 2012. Just in almost 1 decade, this has brought a revolution in the tourism industry of the country. Inspired by Pokhara Zip Flyer, entrepreneurs have started zip flying stations in almost all the major cities and tourist destinations.

One of the best sides of zip flying activity in Nepal is that you can combine this trip with other activities such as tour, hiking, and short treks from Kathmandu and Pokhara. We commend you to book the right trip with the right travel agency for a lifelong experience in Nepal.

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