Wildlife Education Tour



Wildlife Education Tour


Nepal is a small country nestled between India and China. While the nation may be small, it is very famous around the world. From Gurkha soldiers to Mt. Everest, Lord Buddha, and many more, the most prominent feature of this nation is its enviable natural beauty.

Nepal is a nation that comprises subtropical, temperate, and alpine regions. The three regions in one single nation have led to an increasing variety of biodiversity in a single nation. From animals only found in the alpine regions like snow leopards to rare animals like the Royal Bengal tiger, many animals call Nepal home.

According to the WWF, Nepal holds more than 30,000 species of flora and fauna. What makes them even more unique is that many of those species are rare and endangered. Recent research has concluded that Nepal holds 2.80 per cent of the plants in the world. According to BIOFIN, Nepal has been ranked the 49th wildlife hotspot in the world.

The spiny babbler, known as Kaande Bhyakur in Nepal, is only found there. Likewise, animals like Musk Deer, Red Pandas, and One-horned Rhinos and plants like Rhododendrons, which are only found in Nepal, make Nepal an important wildlife location in the world.

According to the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC), Nepal holds 208 mammal species, 867 bird species, 123 reptile species, 55 (+/-) amphibian species, 230 freshwater fish species, and 651 butterfly species.

For the conservation of wildlife, Nepal has many national parks and conservation areas. Nepal has six conservation areas, one hunting reserve, twelve national parks, and one Koshi Tappu Reserve. Nepal is the perfect place for Wildlife Education Tour.

Nepal also has many international organizations like the WWF, FAO, ICIMOD, and more.

Importance of Wildlife Education Tour

The educational wildlife tour is a new and unique way for children and adults to understand the flora and fauna that are living around them. It helps us learn about and protect the biodiversity that is slowly declining and needs the support of human beings.

It helps to increase awareness about the difficulties of wild animals and how to protect them. It makes the new and old generations understand their roles in protecting the world and their natural gifts.

Teaching the new generations about the natural lifestyles and behaviours can make them a new insight into wildlife and biodiversity conservation. Everchanging climate, global warming and man-made intervention have caused many imbalances in nature. Through the wildlife education tour, we learn how to co-exist safely with these unique plants and animals with experienced guides and rangers.

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