One Day Travel Destination in Kathmandu Valley

Top places to visit near Kathmandu Valley


One Day Travel Destination in Kathmandu Valley

With more than 7 UNESCO heritage sights, “Kathmandu,” the capital city of Nepal, was once listed as the most famous tourist destination city in the world. The surrounding cities within the Kathmandu Valley Bhaktapur, Lalitpur with Kathmandu, surround the most famous, well-known, beautiful, and most powerful hearts of the nation. Old cities like these three gems may have many changes, but even near it, there are many hidden locations you can explore. From famous to the most hidden, Today we explore the top places to visit in Kathmandu Valley :

1. Chandragiri Hills

With more than 2551 meters above sea level, Chandragiri Hills is famous for its temple and views of Kathmandu valley and the well-known Himalayan Mountain Range ranging from Mt. Everest to Annapurna. The Chandragiri Temple is also famous in Hindu Mythology as it was formed from the parts of Lord Shiva’s first wife, Sati Devi. It is also linked with the myth of the wish-fulfilling temple. ” If you dedicatedly pray, all your wish may come true.”

Distance: 16 km from Central Kathmandu, Chandragiri Municipality

2. Sano Illam(Bhotechaur, Sindhupalchowk )

Established in 1995 AD, Everest Tea Estate was closed for a couple of years before opening to the public. Famously known as Sano Illam, this tea estate is well known for its beautiful scenery, picnic spots, hiking, and a one-night stay. It is also famous in photography circles for its beautiful scenery.

Distance: 76 km from Kathmandu, Sindupalchowk, Melamchi Municipality

3. Godavari

The well-known National Botanical Garden, to the famous Godawari Temple, makes Godawari Municipality one of the most famous cities in Kathmandu Valley. National Botanical Garden is home to more than 1000 species of plant, making it the beloved of various education tours, plant researchers, and family and friends for its beautiful scenery and picnic destinations. Godawari Temple is famous for Godawari Kunda, which is said to be formed through the passage of the holy Godawari River in India. Godawari is also famous for hiking tours like Phulchoki/Fulchoki, well known for beautiful scenarios and birdwatching.

Distance: 15.8 km from Kathmandu, Godawari Municipality, Lalitpur

4. Kot Dada

A place that even a few locals know, Kot Dada, with beautiful greenery and vegetation, is one of the places where you can have a view of the whole Kathmandu Valley. A place that has not yet been touched by high urbanization, you can also enjoy local mutton, chicken, and many more. It is also famous for its Bishanku Narayan Temple, known among locals to be able to judge between good and evil.

Distance: 17 km from Ringroad, Kathmandu

5. Switzerland Park/ Kalu Pandey Memorial

Switzerland Park was constructed surrounding the remains of the famous Kalu Pandey, who died in the fight of Late King Prithivi Narayan Shah with Kritipur on the way of conquest of Nepal. According to his wishes, a famous historical figure was cremated in the area with the facing of Kathmandu, Nuwakot, and his hometown Gorkha. With beautiful scenery, it is also known for its famous hiking trails.

Distance: 14.3 km from Durbar Marg, Tribhuwan Highway

6. Pilot Baba Ashram

Pilot Baba Ashram is well known for its Gurudev Pilot Baba, who gave up his position as a pilot to follow the ways of the Sanshyasi for true peace. On the top of the mountain, you can see the scenery of the beautiful valley. The ashram also includes a small place for the residence of Pilot Baba and his believers.

Distance: 825 km from Kathmandu, Gyampe Dada Sadak, SuryaBinayak Municipality

7. White Gumba 

White Gumba is a Buddhist monastery in Nagarjun Municipality, well known as one of the famous places to see sunset and sunrise in Nepal. It is said to be crowded by tourists and has led to significant development of its surrounding area. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Seto Gumba is still not available to the public.

Distance: 8 km from Kathmandu, Nagarjun Municipality

8. Sundarijal

Sundarijal is one of the most famous rivers in Nepal. With the location of Sundarijal Hydropower, Shivapuri National Park, many Temples, canoeing, mountain cycling, and hiking trails, it is the favorite destination of many people in Kathmandu. Sundarijal is also known as a holy river where many Hindu women cleanse themselves during the months of Swasthani.

Distance: 12 km from Kathmandu, Gokarneshwor Municipality

9. Tarebhir

A Tamang Village near the Shivapuri National Park Tarebhir is famous for its encompassing views of the whole Kathmandu Valley. A quaint village of Tamang, it has become famous among travel enthusiasts with its encompassing hiking trails. There are also facilities for horse riding, bungee jumping, etc., that adventurers can enjoy, among many others.

Distance: 11.5 km from Kathmandu, Gokerneshwor Municipality

10. Sagha Shiva Temple

The Sangha Shiva Temple is known for its largest Shiva statue in Asia. Shiva, one of the three main gods of Hindu mythology, is well known for his kindness, love, and anger. He is also famous as The God of Dance in Hindu Culture. You can also find a lot of titaura shops around the way to the temple. ( Titaura is a Nepali snack well known among all age groups of Nepal). You can also opt for a night’s stay in the hotels or return to Kathmandu.

Distance: 22 km from Kathmandu, Suryabinayak Municipality

11. Chitlang

Chitlang, a famous tourist in Nepal, was once only well known among the merchants as a trade route before Tibhuwan Highway. Today it has been known as one of the most famous tourist destinations near Kathmandu Valley. With hiking, bird watching, village tour, camping/barbeque facilities, it has reached the masses as the most famous destinations among locals in Kathmandu valley and surrounding areas.

Distance: 22.7 km from Kathmandu, Thaha Municipality

12. Taudaha Lake

Taudaha Lake is the only natural lake of Kathmandu Valley. Famous among the locals from the myths of Manjushree and King Naga Kartakot, it is said that the Naga King ruled from the underground palace of the Taudaha lake. This place is the most well known to locals. It is surrounded by beautiful views of the mountains where you can also feed fish and enjoy the local fisheries. 

Distance: 5 km from Kathmandu Valley, Kritipur Municipality

*The distance is only approx. (km)

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