Top 5 best Wines of Nepal

Best Wine Of Nepal


Top 5 best Wines of Nepal

 Wine is among the most consumed alcoholic beverages worldwide. It has a higher alcohol content than beer, though, and is created from fermented fruits. Usually, it’s sipped after a long day at work or while catching up with friends. The best wines in Nepal will therefore be the topic of today’s discussion. It is often said that there is no wine that you cannot like. It is just that you have not found or sipped the one that is most suitable for you.

Since, ancient time wine is a alcohol that has entrenched our life. From ancient greeks, romans to present times, wines have continued to evolve like we evolved from medival era ,the dark ages, renaissance to the post-modern age.

A good wine is something that relaxes your mood and also help fight diseases such as cancer, improve your immunity, prevent your body from heart diseases and many more.

Since, Nepal has opened its borders, it has slowly been entrenched with the different types of wines around the world. It has also led to establishment of many types of wine barrels and brew. But, often those who stand out of the crowd, there are many brand of wines in Nepal who are rated among the Best Nepali Wines. 

When you travel to Nepal, you are bound to enjoy thrilling sport, picturesque scenery and enjoying the best it can offer to you. To a true wine lover what can be more thrilling than enjoying different wines in every place that he/she has stepped their footsteps.

As a avid wine lover, are you not interested in trying the best Nepali wines made in this culturally diverse and naturally rich nation?

Here is the list of the Top 5 best Nepali Wines:



Big Master

Divine Wine


Dadaghare-First Wine of Nepal

Dadaghare is a wine brand well known as the first wine of Nepal. It is famous for its flavors and are said to be made of fruits, herbal fruits, and honey and no chemical substances.  The Dadaghare wine is brewed in Pokhara. Dadaghare wine bottles (750 ml) can cost customers from NRS 500 to NRS 700 per bottle.

Hinwa-finest Wine of Nepal

Hinwa is one of the famous high quality wines made in Nepal.The Hinwa wine has a history of more than two decades.  It is so famous that even those who have never tasted wine heard about them once or twice. The Hinwa wind is made using wild fruits like raspberries, saffron, and barberries and more.

This wine is brewed  in Sankhuwasabha by Makalu wine industry.

Big Master

Big Master is the second greatest wine in Nepal that we have on our list. Royal Kathmandu Himalaya Beverage Pvt Ltd produces Big Master. They support offering top-notch wines that are produced locally. As a result, they are one of Nepal’s most well-known manufacturers of organic wine, utilizing natural fruit pulp and no artificial additives.

Additionally, they are the first wine makers offering a range and variety of wines with distinctive tastes to also serve hitherto untapped market categories.

This winery is situated in the Nepalese city of Sanga, Kavre. Their position, which benefits from cold weather, helps preserve the wine and brings out its flavor.


Divine, a well known wine brand manufactured by Shree Mahakali Wine Pvt. Ltd. They have a history of almost a decade.  The Divine Wine is brewed using grapes, fruits, and honey and are an popular options for wines brewed in Nepal. Additionally, it includes the combination of honey from orange blossoms and Muscat Hamburg Grapes. Additionally, it is caramelized, giving it a sweet delicate start as well as a spicy, woody finish.


Grapple is a famous wine in Nepal whose main ingredient is made only from grapes. They are loved both by local and foreigners alike. This wine comes from the house of NESY, the country’s first and oldest wine producer. It is a blend of grape and apple. With its smooth wine and unusual aroma, you will experience unique delight. Fruit sediments that are naturally occurring in this wine can be eaten. This wine has a volume alcohol content of 11.5%.

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