The Best Mo:Mos in Kathmandu

The Best MoMos in Kathmandu


The Best Mo:Mos in Kathmandu

Mo:Mo is one of the most famous dish in Nepal. From Locals to Tourists, every person that has stepped in Nepal has tasted Mo:Mos more than once or twice. Mo: Mo is a delicacy that can also be found in India, Pakistan, Tibet, Bhutan and more.

Whether it is street food or a high class restaurant in Nepal, each of them have their own take on Mo:Mos. In the beginning, Mo:Mos were only eaten steamed. But today we have many variations of Mo:Mo like Kothey, C-Mo:Mo, Sizzler Mo:Mo, Sandheko Mo:Mo, Roast Mo:Mo, Pizza Mo:Mo, Chocolate Mo:Mo, Open Mo:Mo , Jhol Mo:Mo and more.

Mo:Mos are one of the few dishes of Nepal that can be found or is made even in the remotest places in Nepal. From fillings to design to personal touch, like us the Mo: Mos have been evolving too.

The best Mo: Mo in Kathmandu 

You will find that there are more than 1000 shops, restaurants and fine dining restaurants in Kathmandu that have Mo:Mos in their menu. Among them, if you want to find the best of the best, you have to be good on your taste palate, knowledge and find the right places.

Here are the list of the best places for Mo:Mos in Kathmandu from the locals:

  1. Mo: Mo Magic
  2. Bagmati Sweets
  3. Boso Rahit Mo: Mo
  4. Narayan Dai ko Masungalli ko Famous Momo
  5. Everest Mo: Mo
  6. Shandar Mo: Mo
  7. Dharahara ko momo

Mo:Mo Magic

Mo:Mo Magic is located in Maharajgunj, near the Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu. It is one of the best Mo:Mo outlets in Kathmandu. The Mo:Mos of Mo:Mo Magic is so delicious that you can’t help craving for more. Its Mo:Mos have delicious filling with spicy chutney which makes the place worthy to revisit. While they only serve the most basic taste of Mo:Mo aka steam Mo:Mo, they have taken them to the extreme.

The making process and the ingredients used to make momos are clean and hygienic in Momo Magic. There are two outlets of Momo Magic both at Maharajgunj Kathmandu.

You can find all three variants (Veg, Chicken, Buff) in Momo magic but if you want to taste their Veg Momo you have to be early by 2 Pm as their Veg Momos gets sold in a blink.

Bagmati Sweets

Bagmati Sweets located in Ganesh Mandir, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu is one of the old sweet shops in Kathmandu. We can find Mo:mo shops at every corner of the valley but only few can serve with best quality and hygiene. Bagmati Sweets is one of them as their paneer Mo:mos are famous among the vegetarians. Though being a sweet shop, it is most famous for their delicious Paneer Mo:Mo. You find their Mo:Mo with their special tomato sauce that goes quite well with their Paneer Mo:Mos. Bagmati Sweets is one of the best Mo:mo joints that serves delicious Veg Mo:mos.

Boso Rahit Mo:Mo

Boso Rahit Mo:Mos is one of the popular places for Mo:Mo in Kathmandu. They are more popular with people concerned with their weight with their Mo:Mos being free of Fat. 

This Boso Rahit Mo:Mo located in Pulchowk has always been so packed that sometimes you may have to share. Still they have a huge fan following.

Boso Rahit Mo:mo also have veg and chicken options but nothing can beat their buff Mo:mos. This place has gained its popularity because of their best buff Mo:mos.

Narayan Dai ko Masungalli ko Famous Momo

Narayan Dai ko Masungalli ko Famous Momo is the first name that pop up in peoples head of kathmandu for having Momos. Narayan Dai ko Masungalli ko Famous Momo began at Masangalli near Jhochhen and expanded its branches to Basantapur, Banewshower, Putalisadak,  Ratopool and more. This shop which has more than 5 decades of experience of making Mo:Mos has had a bunch of loyal customers that have been coming to the same shop for decades. Their buff momo is juicy and flavoursome while their veg and chicken momos are quite good as well.

Everest Mo:Mo

Everest Mo:mo centre is the Momo joint that every single kathmandu local knows. Everest Mo:Mos is one of the old shops in Nepal that have a history of more than a decade with many branches. One of the old places in Kathmandu, enjoy the delicious buff momos with a cheese-cilantro-peanut sauce that is so good. One taste and you are hooked with it.

Shandar Mo:Mo

Shandhar Mo:Mo is one of the best places in Nepal if you want to eat Tapari Mo:Mos. Shandar is one of the famous old shops for Mo:Mos in Kathmandu. Currently they have been expanding all over the Kathmandu Valley.

These are the best momo chain in Kathmandu. Their Momos are Yummy, cheap and has fast service. No wonder it is popular, after all they have a unique taste that keeps you coming back for more and more.

Dharahara Ko Mo:Mo

Dharahara Ko Mo:Mo is one of the oldest Mo:Mo shops in Nepal. The Dharahara ko Mo:Mo was located just below the famous Dharahara Tower in Kathmandu but moved to the opposite of Dharara due to the recent earthquake. The Mo:Mos of Dharahara ko Mo:Mo are famous with the locals and are well known for no off seasons because of their delicious Mo:Mos.

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