Single Tree Hill

Single Tree Swing


Single Tree Hill

Are you interested in exploring Kathmandu differently?

 Do you want to see the alluring view of Kathmandu valley from the gorgeous location near Kathmandu?

The best and the nearest place you must go is Single Tree. If you love walking, hiking, and doing some adventurous stuff, Single Tree is perfect for you.

Kathmandu valley is a city with so many incredible places to visit. Most sites have already been explored, but SingleTree is still unknown to many tourists. When it comes to seeing the best views over Kathmandu, many people choose Swayambhunath.

Nevertheless, many people don’t know that Single Tree is better than other places, also a viral as a single Tree swing.

 Single Tree is located near Swayambhunath Stupa at the foot of the Nagarjun forest. You can see the astonishing and panoramic view of the beautiful Kathmandu Valley from this tiny hill. It is a magnificent place for watching sunrise and sunset view. 

The views from Single Tree are splendid and mind-blowing, with all of the Kathmandu Valley spread out below you.

 The green hills of Nagarjun on the backdrop add an extra mesmerizing view. Moreover, this place is superb for night view. When the sun goes down, the whole city lights up and shines at night. So make sure that you aren’t missing a captivating night view.

Recently this place has been gaining popularity among youngsters. Likewise, you can see many people walking up and down and doing exercise and yoga, especially in the morning. At the top of the hill, there is a small temple of Akash Devi. Many religious devotees visit and worship the goddess.

 Don’t get perplexed if you see young boys and girls dancing, acting, and doing mimicry. As the TikTok craze among people is increasing rapidly, you can see many local youngsters and travelers making videos at the top.

Consequently, this place is becoming a TikTok viral place.

For an easy hike, this place is the best option. This place is accessible to anyone. From Swayambhunath, walking takes about 35 minutes to reach the top.

Furthermore, if you like to go by bike or scooter, it takes 15min as you have to go through offroad.

A few years back, Singletree was just a single tree on the top of a hill. Only local people were familiar with the significant aspect of this place. Gradually the local people started to promote and add more recreational features like opening hotels, restaurants, and resorts to attract internal and external tourists. 

However, there are enough small tea shops selling tea, snacks, and beverages now.

If you are a food lover, you don’t have to worry about food after reaching this place. A fabulous restaurant (Kathmandu Sky View Resort) offers fantastic food and a peaceful place to relax. The price for food and beverages is reasonable.

Single Tree Swing Kathmandu

Similarly, for more recreational activity, there are two swings newly installed with stunning decoration. Like the famous Bali Swing, here you can have a fantastic experience of beautifully decorated swing at an affordable price. 

 The cost for a single Tree swing:

  • Single person- Rs.300
  • Two Persons- Rs.500
  • Three Persons- Rs.750
  • Four Persons-Rs.1000

Since the swing is a new attraction for many people, you can see a long queue. Be forewarned that on holidays and Saturdays, because you have to wait for a long time to swing.

Last but not least, make sure that you are not missing this stunning Single Tree to visit in Kathmandu since this place is one of the best sightseeing places. I heartily recommend you to go and visit once.

 In contrast, please don’t throw your trash and wastages while visiting the spot. Take your rubbish with yourself and throw it in an appropriate place. Keep the city and the area clean, and help maintain the natural beauty of Kathmandu city.

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