Rafting in Nepal

Trishuli River Rafting


Rafting in Nepal

White water rafting is an adventure sports activity just like hiking, mountaineering, and trekking in Nepal. The presence of over 6,000 rivers and rivulets has attracted thousands of foreign tourists from around the world. 

Most adventure lovers book various packages of rafting in Nepal. The fast-flowing rivers originating from the Himalayas are the most suitable for rafting and kayaking. 

The rivers in Nepal originate from the snowcapped peaks including the 8,000ers. Then, they rush rapidly towards the plains across the hilly region. The rapid currents of the rafting rivers of Nepal have promoted water adventure activities.  

Boating and rafting in the major river channels and their tributaries give you a different experience from that of hiking, mountaineering, and trekking trips. If you are planning to visit Nepal, we offer you some of the best whitewater rafting trips for your lifelong memory. 

Due to hundreds of rivers flowing from the north to the south, whitewater activities are possible. Whitewater rafting is one of the backbones of the tourism industry of Nepal. 

Not only the experienced ones but also newbies and families can enjoy the water adventure activities. Some lazy currents support the beginners to experience rafting in Nepal. 

Additionally, popular rafting trips in Nepal are longer than a day. So, you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset views of the Himalayas from the river banks. Spending a night at a tented camp on the riverbed is another exciting reward of these trips. 

If you are researching wildlife and aquatic animals, whitewater rafting in Nepal is the best opportunity for this. Aquatic animals found in the rivers of Nepal can draw interest for your study. 

This blog intends to provide you with information about popular rafting trips in Nepal. So, shall we discuss them one by one? 

Marsyangdi River Rafting


Rafting Route: Bhulbhule – Sanghu/Phailiya (27 km)

Grades: Class IV

Itinerary: 2-3 days

Best Time: September, October, November, May & June

Whom: White water rafting adventurers 

Difficulty: Intermediate

Originating from the Annapurna Massif, the Marsyangdi River provides one of the most challenging rafting routes in the world. The Marsyangdi River became popular for whitewater rafting destination within a short time. 

Now, Marsyangdi River rafting has become a choice of every rafting lover. Flowing with the surging river with blue water gives you a lifelong memory of Nepal tour. 

High rapids, technical difficulties, and challenges serve you with the world’s greatest adventure for a lifelong memory. Moreover, eye-catching vistas of the Himalayas and the surrounding areas make the Marsyangdi River rafting tour more exciting. 

Trishuli River Rafting


Rafting Route: Charaudi-Gaighat/Fishling (60kms)

Grades: Class III

Itinerary: 1 day

Best Time: Throughout the year

Whom: Nature lovers and bird watchers

Difficulty: Beginners

Trishuli River rafting is the ultimate trip for those who have a short vacation in Nepal, yet want to experience whitewater rafting. Originating from the Gosaikunda Lake inside the Langtang National Park, the Trishuli River offers some of the best experience to adventure lovers.

Trishuli River rafting Nepal is close to the Kathmandu Valley and the Capital City. You drive to Charaudi along the Prithvi Highway. It is completely safe and a lot of fun so is the most popular rafting trip in Nepal. 

Rafting in the Trishuli River offers you a lot of challenges such as cliff jumps, swimming, and fishing. During the trip, you can enjoy the views of the Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and Langtang Himal. The surrounding areas are densely forested, so you can enjoy bird watching tours as well.

Sun Koshi River Rafting

Rafting Route: Dumja-Chatara (270kms)

Grades: Class III-IV

Itinerary: 8-10 days

Best Time: September-November, May & June

Whom: Nature and adventure lovers

Difficulty: Intermediate to advance

The Sun Koshi River originates from the Zhangzangbo Glacier in Tibet and joins in the Ganges. Sun Koshi River rafting is one of the most popular rafting trips in Nepal. It is even recognized and recommended by National Geography Channel in the list of Top 10 River Rafting Adventures in the world.  

The canyons and gorges surrounded by dense forests attract thousands of adventure lovers for whitewater rafting in Nepal. While moving down, you sight and listen to the cheerful chattering of monkeys. 

Sun Koshi River rafting rewards you with exotic beaches and the breath-taking scenery of local villages with remote temples. Besides this, the excellent scenery of deep jungles, diverse species of wildlife, waterfalls, and the Himalayas make this trip more pristine. 

Kali Gandaki River Rafting

Rafting Route: Maldhunga-Mirmi (90kms)

Grades: Class IV-V

Itinerary: 3 days

Best Time: September-November, April & June

Whom: Nature lovers

Difficulty: Suitable for all skill levels

Kali Gandaki River rafting is one of the popular rafting trips in Nepal. It is recommended for those having short vacation but want to experience river expedition.

This river originates from the Nhubine Himal Glacier (6,288m) in Mustang, Nepal. The Kali Gandaki River makes the world’s deepest gorge called the Kali Gandaki Gorge. 

Rafting in the Kali Gandaki River rewards you with challenging rapids, calm whitewaters, and sandy beaches. Apart from rafting adventure, you enjoy the 360-degree panoramas of remote villages, wildlife, and several waterfalls. 

The Kali Gandaki River is one of the holiest rivers of Nepal for the Hindus. Shaligrams (black stones) are regarded as sacred and worshipped by the Hindus. Similarly, while in the river expedition, you can see Hindu rituals being performed on the river bank. Thus, Kali Gandaki River rafting is both culturally and spiritually important. 

Karnali River Rafting

Rafting Route: Dungeswar-Chisapani

Grades: Class IV-V

Itinerary: 10 days

Best Time: October, November, April, & June

Whom: Adventurers and dolphin lovers

Difficulty: Advanced

The Karnali River is one of the most popular destinations for whitewater rafting in Nepal. It originates from Tibet close to Lake Mansarovar and cuts through the Himalayas to enter Nepal. Finally, it joins the Sharda River at Bramhaghat, India.

Karnali River rafting is recognized for quick paddling, several good rapids, and lazy currents as well. It is moderately challenging whitewater rafting recommended for beginners and experienced rafters. 

The Karnali Rafting route moves along the dense forests with diverse wildlife. Deep gorges, dramatic canyons, and exciting river bends make this river expedition more fun.  If you are lucky enough to sight freshwater dolphins during the trip, your Karnali River rafting becomes more memorable. 

At the end of the trip, you can also make Bardia National Park Tour. This park is popular for bird watching tour, jungle safari, one-horned rhino, and the Royal Bengal Tiger as well. 

Due to the proposed Upper Karnali Hydroelectric Project, a dam for generating 900MW of electricity will be built sooner or later. Then, rafting in the Karnali River might not be as interesting as it is now in the future.

Upper Seti River Rafting

Rafting Route: Bamboo Bridge-The Dam (7 kms)

Grades: Class III-IV

Itinerary: Half day

Best Time: September-June

Whom: Adventure lovers, thrill seekers

Difficulty: Intermediate

Upper Seti River rafting is one of the popular rafting trips in Nepal. It is an ultimate trip for adventure lovers who can sail along the quick rapids continuously for more than 40 minutes. 

It originates from the base of the Annapurna Massif (8,091m), so the volume of water is high even in mid-September.  Rafting in the Seti River is a perfect trip for adventure lovers in whitewater activities. 

It is exciting to cross the landslide rapid, the most challenging rapid of Upper Seti rafting route. 

The scenery of the Annapurna Massif, high altitude villages, dense forests, and wildlife are added beauties of this whitewater rafting in Nepal. 

Lower Seti River Rafting

Rafting Route: Damauli-Gaighat (32 kms)

Grades: Class II-III

Itinerary: 2 days

Best Time: September-November, May, & June

Whom: Beginners, families, bird watchers

Difficulty: Beginners

Lower Seti River Rafting is recommended for beginners and families who want to experience rafting in Nepal.  The lower section of the Seti River has easy rapids suitable for non-experienced rafters. 

It is equally beneficial for those international tourists to have a short vacation in Nepal. Its Damauli-Gaighat route has dense forests and rich wildlife. Rafting to Lower Seti River is more appropriate for bird watchers who can see vultures, eagles, kingfishers, etc. 

You can also combine this rafting trip in Nepal with Chitwan National Park Tour. Enjoy jungle safari, Tharu Cultural Heritage Trail Trek, sunrise view from the Rapti River, bird watching tour, etc. 

Bhote Koshi River Rafting

Rafting Route: Lamasanghu/Baseri-Dolalghat (22 kms)

Grades: Class III-IV

Itinerary: 1-2 days

Best Time: September-November, April, & June 

Whom: Nature lovers

Difficulty: Suitable for all skill levels

Most of the Bhote Koshi River water originates from Mt. Shishapangma (8,027m) in Tibetan Autonomous Region. Bhote Koshi River rafting is a challenge and excitement for both veteran and novice rafters. 

Deep canyons, gorges and quick rapids in the gushing river make this a popular rafting trip in Nepal. The scenery of lush forests with diverse wildlife, terraced fields, and remote villages make this trip more than just a rafting trip. 

Tamur River Rafting

Rafting Route: Basantapur-Chatara (120 kms)

Grades: Class IV

Itinerary: 11 days

Best Time: October, November, April, & May

Whom: For those who desire to combine trekking with white water rafting

Difficulty: Advanced

Tamur River rafting combines trekking with whitewater rafting in Nepal. It is one of the least done whitewater rafting due to its location. 

However, excellent views of the snowcapped mountains including Everest, Kanchenjunga, and Makalu make this trip more joyous. The scenery of remote villages from sandy beaches looks fantastic!

The two biggest rapids including nonstop IV rapids make rafting in the Tamur River a perfect trip for adventure lovers. 

Bheri River Rafting

Rafting Route: Samjhighat-Bardiya National Park (105 km) 

Grades: Class I

Itinerary: 4 days

Best Time: Throughout the year

Whom: Beginners, families, bird watchers

Difficulty: Beginners

Bheri River rafting is a popular rafting trip in Nepal. It is most suitable for families and beginners who want to enjoy natural thrills and frills. 

In this trip, you can experience fishing adventure as well. You will see lush forests inhabited by diverse wildlife. Spending nights at tented camps riverbed under the open skies is another joy of this trip. 

Rafting in the Bheri River is a mixed experience of beautiful nature and adventure. After you complete Bheri River rafting trip, you can also visit Chisapani and Bardiya National Park Tour. 


Rafting in Nepal is a combined experience of nature and adventure. There are several rafting trips that take you away from the scheduled and crowded city life. Spending nights at tented camps and campfires on the riverbed are really great memories one can ever have. 

It is an opportunity to completely delve into the wilderness by forgetting worldly affairs. Rafting in Nepal trips rewards you with the beautiful opportunity to stay connected with Mother Nature. After all, human beings should always be connected with nature while conserving it. 


Which are the most suitable rivers for rafting in Nepal?

All the major river channels and their tributaries are suitable for rafting and kayaking. The most suitable rivers for rafting in Nepal are Trishuli, Marsyangdi, Tamur, Kali Gandaki, Bhote Koshi, Sun Koshi, Bheri, Karnali, and Seti River accordingly. You can book a white water rafting trip in Nepal with a local tour operator.

Which are the best months for rafting in Nepal?

Except the monsoon months, white water rafting in Nepal is safe. The floods and landslides are the causes to make river rafting difficult in the monsoon. However, September, October, November, May, April, and June are the best months for rafting in Nepal.

How much is river rafting in Nepal price?

River rafting in Nepal price depends upon the route length, and itinerary of the trip. The longer the rafting trip, the higher the price!

How safe is rafting in Nepal for non-swimmers?

Rafting in Nepal is safe for all aged over 10 years. Moreover, everyone must wear a lifejacket and is led by a highly experienced raft. 

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