Lower Manaslu Eco Trek via Nage Pokhari-Ajirkot

Nage Pokhari


Lower Manaslu Eco Trek via Nage Pokhari-Ajirkot

Ajirkot VDC is one of the famous cultural and natural heritage area in Nepal.This Village is named after Ajirkot Village, Gorkha district. Gorkha is the traditional home of the first king of Nepal “Prithivi Narayan Shah”.Therefore, the place is famous for many fortress and castles (well known as KOT in Nepal) built on the medival times in Nepal. This also makes it the best trips for those interested in the  culture,traditions, history and also nature.

Among the different cultural rituals in this vdc are a mela (hindu festival) in Nagepanchami, a famous temple is celebrated in Nagpokhari, Ajirkot VDC. Also, there a special mela in Dudhpokhari and Nadarpokhari on Janai Purnima, an important hindu festival. Dudhpokhari is also a religious site due to its relationship of the main god of Hindusim Shiva.

Along with its unique link on the historical foundation in Nepal, Ajirkot is also famous for its natural beauty. This place is full of the views of snowcapped mountains, green hills and unique flora and fauna. Among the mountains,you can views of Mt Annapurna, Mt Manaslu which is well known on the field of mountaineering and trekking. Likewise,you can also view places like Naghechhetra, Chitre, Sirangdadha etc. Famous lakes in this VDC are Dudhpokhari, Nagpokhari, Nadarpokhari along with hidden waterfalls like Chame Waterfall and many more.

Moreover, this place is well known for multiple of medicinal herbs like- yarshagumba, jatamashi, bhotkesh,nermashi etc. Here, you can see flora like rhododendron, dhuphi, bhojpatra (himalayan birch), chimal (variety of rhododendron) etc. And animals like Deer, Snow leopard, Tiger, Jungle Cat, Himalyan Bear, Monkey, national bird Danphe are also available here.

This VDC is also famous for their culture and tradition of tamang and sherpas. Also,this place also has diversity in caste, here you can see people of  Brahmin, Chettri, Ghales, Gurung Community,and many others. Diversity of the culture getting along makes this place a culturally  harmony in Nepal.

Ajirkot VDC is a hidden village in Nepal.With undisturbed natural diversity, along with friendly people, historical significance and clean environment makes this place one of the favourites that people want to visit.

Attractions of Ajirkot

  • Shed for cattles

Ajirkot VDC is mostly depend in farming and animal husbandry. Therefore it is not uncommon to see pastures on hills for the cattles and shepherds.

  • Baluwa Bazar

Baluwa Bazar is a small village town in Ajirkot VDC. It is named dur to its nearness to the river and lots of sands.

  • Amadanda Village 

Amadanda Village is a Gurung village in Ajirkot VDC. Here, you can experience the traditional and cultural aspects of Gurung Village.

  • Apun Village, Kharibot

Apun Village is one of the Village in Kharibot, Ajirkot VDC. Here you can find mixture of both tamang, ghales, sherpas, brahmin and chetrris. This is also one of the routes to Dudhpokhari. 

  • Bhachhek Bazaar

Bhachhek Bazar is a local bazar area in thic VDC.Here, you can enjoy many local produce, vegetables and more.

  • Bauddha Himal

In Ajirkot VDC you can see the scene of one of Nepal’s smocapped mountain the beautiful Bauddha Himal.

  • Bauddha Himal and Mt Annapurna

Along with well known local snowcapped Bauddha Himal, you can also view the famous mountain of the world Mt Annapurna.

  • Chame Waterfall

Chame waterfall is one of many beautiful waterfall in Ajirkot VDC. There are also many other waterfalls in this area.But they are mostly locally known.

  • Chepe River

Chepe River is one of the local river in Ajirkot VDC. This village is also inbetween the Ajirkot VDC and Lamjung’s Dudhpokhari VDC.

  • Dharapani

Dharapani is one of the small villages in Ajirkot VDC.

  • Dhodeni Bazar

Dhodeni Bazar is a small local market in Ajirkot VDC.

  • Gyaachowk Village

Gyaachowk Village is a small town in Ajirkot VDC.

  • Namki Village.

This Village is a small Village in Ajirkot VDC

  • Jyala Bhume Sthal

This is a pilgrim area and a local temple.

  • Nagepokhari

This is Ajirkot’s famous lake Nagepokhari. Every year people in Ajirkot VDC will organize a mela (festival/fair) in Nagpanchami.

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