Fishing in Nepal

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Fishing in Nepal


Are you looking for the best places for Fishing in Nepal?

Here, in this article, we have mentioned the places where you can get the amazing experience of Fishing.

Fishing is a history of a man’s conquering of the seas. It started under the Upper Paleolithic Period 40,000 years ago. The well-known Fishing in history begins through the Egyptian civilization. Fishing was found in famous books like Bible in Job 14:7, once and twice on greek literature, minion culture, etc. The Pandyas, the Tamil Kingdom in India, Norway, Ancient Peru, Chinese were famous civilizations known for Fishing.

Fishing as Relaxation and Sport

Fishing culture as a sport and relaxation began in the 19th century. While many nobles were interested in Fishing, the art of Fishing reached the masses in mid 19th century. With the development of trains, good quality roads, and new technologies, middle-lower classes begin to go on fishing trips during their holidays. Industrialization developed more sophisticated equipment, new technologies, and richer hobbyists; Fishing reached a new high.

Many competitions’ like Worlds carp classics, World Fly Fishing Championships, International Game Fishing Association gives the art of Fishing higher enthusiasm and respect.

River for Adventure Fishing in Nepal

Nepal is estimated to have more than 6000 rivers and around 45,000 km in length. With so many rivers with more than 200 different varieties of fish, Nepal is a treasure for all fishermen. Fishing in Nepal is that most of the spots are also famous for Rafting and much other water adventure. If you may need a break from Fishing or have some loved ones distracted from Fishing, you may as well take them to Raft in Nepal. Here is the list of top places in Nepal suitable for Fishing:

1. Trishuli River fishing Trip

Province: Bagmati

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva drove his Trishul (trident) in the ground and created the Trisuli River. For tourists and many fishing enthusiasts, the Trishuli River is close to Kathmandu, is the best bet for short schedules and hurry. You may also take the Trisuli River as the first to conquer all fishing spots in Nepal. If you are interested in rafting Trishuli River Rafting is a fit for all.

For the fishing enthusiast, the Trisuli River includes fishes like :

1. Swamp Eels

2. Spotted Snakehead

3. Rohu

4. Rosy Barb

5. Angro Labeo

6. Indian Trout

7. Barna Baril

8. Telio Baril

9. Hamilton Baril and many more.

2. Sunkoshi River fishing Trip

Sunkoshi River is one of the seven rivers on the Koshi River System. Koshi River System includes seven rivers Sunkoshi, Bhotekoshi, Indravati, Dudh Koshi, Tamba Koshi, Arun, and Tamur Regions. National Geographic had once listed the Sunkoshi River mile as one of the top 10 river expeditions of the world. 

Sunkoshi River is famous for its panning of Gold from sands, Rafting, its varieties of fish. When you go Fishing, you may be lucky enough to hit rich with the small pans of gold famed to name this river Sunkoshi (River of Gold). Sunkoshi River rafting it for professional rafters.

As a part of large river systems, the Sunkoshi River has various fishes like:

1. Common Snowtrout

2. Sattar Snowtrout

3. Heart throat Catfish

4. Garra

5. Nepalese minnow or stone carp

6. Stone loach etc.

3. Lower Seti River Fishing in Nepal

Province: Sudurpachim Province

Lower Seti River is the left tributary part of the Trisuli river located in the western parts of Nepal. The Seti River joins From Mt. Api (7132m) and Mt. Saipal (7031m) to the western parts of Nepal. It has more than 15 well-known species traveling from the highs and lows of Nepal. It is a famous river that surrounds the world-famous spots Pokhara. This river has clean and low water volume, fit for you and family trips with kids, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews to adventure, introduce or hone on the arts of Fishing. If you are interested in Rafting, Lower Seti River Rafting is fit for beginners, short schedules, and families.

 With low volumes and mild water, It has many fishing spots that veterans have favored for centuries.

 Some fishes in the Lower Seti River are :

1. Indian Carplet

2. Barred Baril

3. Opsarius Barna

4. Java Carp

5. Stone Carp

6. Menoda Catfish etc.

4. Fishing Trip in Karnali River

Province: Karnali

 Karnali River is the last free-flowing river in Nepal. Karnali River system includes Humla Karnali, Mugu Karnali, Bheri, Seti and Mahakali. The recent research on fishes in Karnali listed about 68 unique species. Karnali River Rafting is for both adventurer beginners and experienced rafters.

 The Karnali River has a lot of fish species. Like:

1. Golden Mahaseer

2. Soft-shelled Turtles

3. Catfish

4. Silver Mahaseer etc

Karnali is the most underdeveloped part of the nation. Many schools, shoals of fishes available in Karnali are still undiscovered.

The best time to go Fishing in Karnali is before and after the monsoon season (fishes consume less food(February to April; October to November)).

Budi Gandaki River Fishing Trip

Province: Bordering Gandaki Province to Bagmati province

Budi Gandaki River is a tributary river of the Trishuli River that passes through Dhadhing and Gorkha of Gandaki Province to meet at Benighat of Bagmati Province. Budi Gandaki River is the river that flows from the highs and lows of Nepal (Manaslu- Ganesh Himal-Trishuli). With just Fishing, you can small villages, markets, Fishing, and many more. Budi Gandaki River Rafting is fit for both beginner and experienced rafters.

Hence, you can visit the above place and get a fantastic fishing experience in Nepal.

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