Best Time For Khaptad National Park Trek

Best Time for Khaptad National Park Trek


Best Time For Khaptad National Park Trek

Best Time for Khaptad National Park Trek is described in this article.

Khaptad National Park is the only mid-mountain National Park in the Far western area of Nepal occupying an area of 225 sq. km. Khaptad National Park was gazetted in 1984. According to locals, the late hermit and spiritual saint Khaptad Swami moved to the area in the 1940s to meditate and worship. Currently, Khaptad Baba Ashram is located near the park headquarters.

Most of the flora and fauna of Khaptad National Park belongs to the subtropical, temperate and lower temperate zone. According to Nepali Government. Khaptad National park has discovered 224 species of medicinal herbs, 266 bird species(combined with migratory birds), 175 breeding bird species and 20 different species of mammals.

Some of the famous birds in Khaptad National Parks are- Impeyan, pheasant (Dhanphe), different types of partridges, flycatchers, bulbuls, cuckoos, and eagles.

Some of the famous mammals in Khaptad National Park are barking deer, wild boar, goral, Himalayan black bear, Yellow-throated Marten, Rhesus, Langur monkey, leopard, wild dogs, jackal and musk deer.

How to reach Khaptad National Park?

There are many ways to reach Khaptad National Park. You can reach Khaptad National Park by both air and ground transport.

For air transport, we will book a flight to Dhangadhi Airport from Kathmandu or Pokhara. Then, we will be driving through Bajhang where we will trek to Khaptad National Park.

The other option is to book a flight from Nepalgunj to Dipayal, drive to Silgadhi, Doti and hike 6 hours to the park entrance and another 7-8 hours to the Park Headquarters.

However, Dipayal and Accham airports are rarely open.

For Ground transport, we will hire a private van/jeep and go to Bajhangh. If you are from India, we can arrange bus tickets to go directly to Dhangadi and reach Bajhang.

Nearest Airport to Khaptad National Park

  • Dipayal Airport
  • Achham Airport
  • Nepalgunj Airpor

Best time to visit Khaptad National Park according to Months and Seasons

  • Spring (March-May)/Autumn (October-November)

According to Nepali Government, many guides and trekkers with long experience have summarized that the best and ideal time to visit Khaptad National park is Spring (March-May)/Autumn (October-November). During these months, the temperature in Khaptad National park ranges from 10°c to 20°c making it suitable for trekkers.

  • Winter (December to February)

It may also be suitable to trek in Khaptad National Park in Winter only if you are well prepared. If your physical fitness, health and equipment can support you, you can travel to Khaptad National Park in Winter. Otherwise, most trekking agencies discourage any trekkers and tourists in Khaptad National Park during Winter.

The worst time to visit Khaptad National Park according to Months and Season

Monsoon (June-September)

Monsoon is the worst time to visit Khaptad National Park. The road is muddy and slippery. In addition, it is also full of leeches. Therefore, the chances of accidents are high.

Detailed itinerary for Khaptad National Park Trek

Day 1 Kathmandu – Dhangadi

The first day of the tour starts with a flight of about an hour from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. From Nepalgunj we drive towards Buditola along the Karnali River. After four hours of drive from Nepalgunj, we reach Buditola and stay overnight in Buditola.

Day 2 Drive Buditola to Silgadhi (1330m)

After breakfast in Buditola, we drive to Silgadhi, the famous city and the beautiful place in the region. After six hours of drive we reach Silgadhi. Overnight stay in Silgadhi.

Day 3 Trek to Jhigrana (2300m) from Silgadhi

After having breakfast, We start our trek early in the morning, from Silgadhi to Jhigrana via Baglek (2160m). We trek to Baglek for about 3.5 hours and after having lunch, the trek gets continued to Jhigrana. It takes about 3 and half hours to reach our today’s destination. Overnight at Jhigrana.

Day 4 Trek from Jhigrana to Bukipani (3080m)

We reach Bichpani Dharmasala (3020m)after four hours of walk from Jhigrana. We take lunch at Bichpani Dharmasala and continue our trek for two and half hours to reach Bukipani. Overnight stay at Bukipani.

Day 5 Trek to Khaptad (3010m)

After breakfast, we walk for two hours and reach Khaptad, the heavenly place of the region. After having lunch we visit Khaptad Baba’s Ashram (hut) and Triveni. Khaptad Baba has found many herbal medicines and he was also a philosopher and have written many books so people in the area equate him as a God. Overnight at Khaptad.

Day 6 Explore Khaptad National Park

On this day, we explore Khaptad National Park. Our visit includes: Museum, Khaptad Danda, Patan and Khaptad tower to have a great view of the area. There are more than 224 species of medical herbs, about 11 percent of flowering plants of Nepal, 260 species of birds, 500 types of herbs and a large number of flora and fauna in this National Park. Overnight at Khaptad.

Day 7 Trek back to Jhigrana

Today we return back to Jhigrana using the same trail as used before. We trek for about four hours from Khaptad to Bichpani and then about three hours to Jhigrana. Overnight at Jhigrana

Day 8 Drive to Dhangadhi from jhigrana

Early in the morning, after breakfast in Jhigrana, we drive towards Dhangadhi. Overnight stay at Dhangadhi.

Day 9 Drive or fly back to Kathmandu

There are two options to return back to Kathmandu. Either we can catch a flight from Dhangadi – Kathmandu or catch a luxury night bus to reach Kathmandu.

Cost to enter Khaptad National Park

Entry Fees:

Foreigners: Rs. 1,500

SAARC Region:Rs. 500

Nepali:  Rs. 100 

Documentary/Filming Fees:

Foreigners: US$ 1500

SAARC Region: Rs. 50,000 

Nepali: Rs. 10000

Note: An additional 25% should be paid while using drones for documentary/filming.

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